MarkAsGood for FAT32


I've used software to clone a hdd drive that had bad sectors. Suddenly, the destination drive also has same amount of false bad sectors. Solution then was to format the drive. That's not an option now. And I need to unmark all bad clusters on hdd volumes.

Cloned a drive with bad sectors. Now the duplicate thinks it has bad sectors too.

I'm recover image of old hdd with bad sectors to new hard drive. I'm wondering how to unmark or remove those bad sectors to make them available without having to reformat.

RESOLVED: Mark As Good for FAT32

Mark As Good allows you to unmark all bad clusters on FAT32 partitions.

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MarkBad - Cluster marker for FAT32


I need a utility that allows me to mark clusters/sectors as BAD even if they are not. There us a section on a hard drive that has spotty bad areas, and I want to block out sections on both sides of these spotty sections so that no data gets written anywhere close to these areas. The rest of the hard drive seems AOK and is working fine.

I want to specify cluster number (range) and mark thema all BAD (though the software will report them as good)

Can we mark all "even slightly bad" clusters? Marking off slightly bad sectors.

Need hard drive utility to aggressively mark bad sectors.

RESOLVED: "markbad" Cluster marker


markbad --mark as bad clusters <range> on volume e:
markbad --mark as good clusters <range> on volume d:
markbad --mark as bad sectors <range> on volume d:
markbad --mark as good sectors <range> on hdd of volume e: