Version history for Mark As Good and Mark As BAD


Changes for v2.45 – v2.47

New: Handy wizzard for Mark As Good for FAT32 Half Demo.

Changes for v2.42 – v2.45

New: Mark As Good for FAT32 Half Demo to unmark 51% of bad clusters.

Changes for v2.4 – v2.42

New: Mark As Good for FAT32 to unmark all bad clusters.

Changes for v2.3 – v2.4

Update: Mark/unmark cluster with pointed sector.

Changes for v2.0 – v2.2

New: The 'markbad' for FAT32 to mark/unmark any clusters.

Changes for v1.3 – v1.5

New: Creating new FAT32 primary partitions on the good hdd surface.

Changes for v1.2 – v1.3

New: Hdd surface viewer.

Changes for v1.0 – v1.2

New: Hdd surface quality scanner.